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At Rhythmology, I’ve met people from all walks of life. I love to hear stories about why someone started social dancing at this studio. I shared how burnout led me to dance. Like me, some people need a lifestyle change. Others start dancing to bond with their significant others or to come out of their shells. You might want a beautiful wedding dance to share with your future husband or wife. Whatever the reason is, I guarantee that there’s no better place to start your dancing journey than at Rhythmology. I’ve been a Rhythmology customer for over a year, and it’s an investment that you won’t regret!

1. It Offers More Flexible Group and Private Classes than Other Local Studios

Rhythmology is open seven days a week, allowing its customers to achieve a work-life balance. When I worked in the real estate field, I experienced long days where my closings extended beyond my regular work hours. Nevertheless, I could still catch a class in the late evenings or on weekends to de-stress. Likewise, some of my fellow dancers attend school, participate in extracurricular activities or work part-time.

You’ll also love the cool Rhythmology app, which shows the various Salsa and Bachata classes for beginner, intermediate or advanced students. The app allows me to plan out my schedule and to sign into class in advance. Don’t forget to download the app today from the iTunes app store or Google Play!

Apart from the app, you’ll deal a lot with Catherine, the face and heart of Rhythmology. Catherine will make sure that you’re in the right class and answer any of your questions or concerns. She keeps Rhythmology running so that you and I can have an enjoyable experience and come back for more.

2. It’s a Family-Like Culture

The minute you walk into the studio, you feel the magnetic energy. Every class fills up with people of diverse backgrounds who unite under one roof to immerse themselves in social Latin dance. More importantly, the people are warm and inviting. I always look forward to the friendly hellos, hugs, or kisses on the cheek before class. Giving high fives during partner dance is custom. We also clap and cheer for the student that performs the dance routine with the instructor at the end of class. So if you’re looking for a sense of community, you’ll undoubtedly find it here at Rhythmology. 

Dancing at Rhythmology Brings All Walks of Life Together

3. The Instructors Spice Up the Classroom

Every Rhythmology instructor brings his or her personality in the classroom. If you’re interested in the mechanics behind dancing, then you’ll enjoy Alfred’s class. Alfred is a mathematician at heart, and his methods will help you understand concepts like timing and musicality. If you’re seeking a more physical and mental workout, then I dare you to take Luis’ class. I find his choreography to be challenging, but he pushes you to the limit. If you’re looking to channel your rhythm and sensuality, then Bryan’s body movement class is a must. Your body will move in ways you didn’t know it could. Brianna represents for the ladies and moves with style and grace! She’ll make sure that you’ve mastered the basics to advance to the next level. 

I also can’t leave out the other exceptional instructors like Jose, Simone, Julie, Mark, Sal, Christina, and Bella, who spice up the classroom too.  I recommend that you try every instructor and get a taste of their flavors. 

4. It’s in the Heart of Westbury

Rhythmology is conveniently located on Long Island. The Long Island Railroad train station is right across the studio, and the highways are nearby. I’ve spoken to many dancers, who commute from Queens to East Long Island to attend classes. On a warm day, you could also walk to the restaurants on Post Avenue. My favorite spot is Punta Cana Grill, which has the best empanadas and Dominican cuisine in town. What better way to burn those calories than with a dance class at Rhythmology!

5. The Brand Promotes Community Not Sex

The reality is that most people associate social dancing with sex. Rhythmology, however, strives to keep the environment respectful and comfortable for all dancers. Its underlying mission is to establish a sense of community for people of all ages, races, socio-economic classes, etc. You’ll also pick up essential life skills like communication, confidence, and teamwork. Therefore, bring your friends and family and let’s embark on this journey together as a dance tribe!


About Naldine

Naldine is a dancer for Rhythmology and enjoys sharing her journey to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones. During her free time, you'll find her reading a new book. She also mentors college students, who aspire to pursue a career in law. If you see her in a Salsa or Bachata class, you can't miss her because she always wears her smile. So don't be a stranger and smile back!

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