Rhythmology At A Glance

we are your portal for social latin dance.

Rhythmology is a latin dance company and community founded in 2009. We provide three core services: CommunityInstruction and Performing Arts. While we dance many styles, we specialize in Bachata, Salsa On2, Flamenco, Cha-Cha and Argentine Tango. Rhythmology’s approach fuses formal technique with the versatility of social dancing. We are currently based in New York but have big ambitions to bring social latin dancing to communities across the United States and the world.


there are many ways to enjoy dance with us.

Our Mission


To provide platforms for enthusiasts to learn about and participate in latin dancing. To further the culture and push the boundaries of latin dance by turning students into dancers who challenge themselves to meet personal and group goals. We do this by creating social environments where people from all backgrounds have opportunities to engage in our dances despite age, level or background.

It is our mission to provide dancers of all ages and levels with a unique program of music and latin dance appreciation, instruction, and performance that seeks to fulfill each student’s potential, while creating a model of artistic excellence that enriches their community. Whether a student plans to dance for fun, exercise or to enter the arts on a professional level, we are here to guide and support.