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Seeing a resurgence throughout the years is the genre of Hustle. This dance, previously performed to disco, can now be danced to any fast paced song on the radio.


Level 1:   Sundays  12:00pm- 1:00pm

Level One is for students with little to no experience dancing hustle. Students will learn the basic, timing, how to partner & basic turn patterns. No partner is necessary, students will rotate throughout the class.


Level 2: Sundays 1:00pm-2:00pm

Level Two is for students with experience dancing in hustle. This level will build on the basic techniques and steps learned in level one. Focus will be placed on advanced footwork, advanced turn patterns, increased timing, and implementing musicality & styling into your dancing. No partner is necessary, students will rotate throughout the class.


Level 1 & Level 2 Workshop Dates:  8 Weeks   June 10- July 29

Cost: Drop In Class: $20

8 Week Session (One level only): $120 for 8 weeks.

8 Week Session (Both Levels): $200

**Workshops are not included in regular group class packages. Separate packages are required to participate. 20% discount offered to families & to yearly memberships **


Level 1:  Mondays 7:00pm-8:00pm

In this workshop you’ll deepen your understanding of what makes Tango such a unique and beautiful dance: the embrace, the connection, and the walk. Refining your foundation allows you to more fully explore and express the beauty of Tango. No experience or partner is required.


Level 2: Mondays: 8:00pm- 9:30pm

In this workshop we’ll explore possibilities using combinations of walks in normal and cross system, inside and outside partner. You’ll also deepen and develop your ochos. Cultivating your ability to transition with grace and fluidity enables you to connect more deeply with your partner and the music. Students must have experience dancing Argentine Tango or be approved by an instructor prior to entering level 2. No partner is required.



Current Session: March 30- June 25  (8 weeks)

Next Session: July 2


Cost:   Level One Drop In: $20     Level 2 Drop In: $30

Level One 8 Week Session: $120       Level Two 8 Week Session: $200

Both Levels 8 Week Session: