Rhythmology Common Questions

1.- Do I need to register, or can I just show up to a class?

Registration is required prior to your first visit with us, whether that is via group classes or private lessons. To register, please contact us via phone or email and set up your first class. Once your first class/appointment has been booked, please plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled start time, to complete your registration.

2.- How do I know what class/level I belong to?

For students with no dance experience, our absolute beginner boot camps are the classes for you. We open up new boot camp camps each and every month, and allow students to enter up until the second week of the class.  For students with prior latin dance experience (salsa, bachata, cha cha, ballroom), or traditional dance experience (ballet, tap, jazz, etc), we will start with a special one-on-one level consultation. Our level consultation is a 30 minute session used to determine the best class for you, so that you are challenged according to the level you would need. Level consultations can be set up 7 days a week, at the day and time that works best for you. These sessions must be booked via appointment.

3.- What should I wear?

Students are welcome to wear whatever makes them most comfortable: Ie jeans, leggings, sweatpants, etc.  Keep in mind you that you may be working up a sweat so make sure its something breathable. For footwear, you are welcome to bring your favorite pair of dance sneakers or ballroom heels. If you do not own a pair of those, don’t worry! Dance shoes are not a requirement. Any shoe with a smooth bottom would also work. Please avoid platform heels, flip flops, sandals with no back support, & sneakers.

4.- Are you required to bring a partner?

While you are welcome to bring anyone you would like with you to join the class, it is not a requirement. We rotate throughout our classes, so that you get the experience of dancing with everyone including the instructor.  

5.- Why do we need to rotate? What if I only want to dance with my partner?

We encourage rotating so that everyone has the experience of dancing with different types of leaders and followers. In our experience, this is the best way to progress with your dancing. Often times, you may not realize you are making a mistake or how to adjust your dancing, until you’ve danced with other people. So, even if you plan to only dance with your partner outside of the classroom setting, rotation will help to make this as enjoyable as possible. If you are uncomfortable rotating for any reason, please inform the receptionist prior to starting your class, and they will inform your instructor.

6.- Approximately how many people are in each class?

Our classes can vary in size from week to week due to many factors including time of year, weather, holidays, etc. However, we average about 15-20 people in every class. 

7.- How long is each class?

Our group classes are one hour each. Our typical set up is 30 minutes of “shines,” or footwork, and 30 minutes of partnerwork. However, the instructor may adjust as they see fit.

8.- Do you offer classes for children/teens?

For children ages 5-11 years old, we offer mixed level classes in the genres of salsa, bachata and hip hop. Teens and young adults (ages 12-18 years old) are welcome to come into any of our adult classes. We also offer youth performance groups for those that are looking for more opportunities to dance and perform. These groups are open to children ages 7-18 years old.

9.- Do you offer Family Discounts, or student discounts?

For family members that are joining us (ie mother/daughter, husband/wife, siblings), we offer 20% off each additional package purchased.  For students 19 years and under, we offer discounted teen pricing.

10.- What is a boot camp? What is the difference between a boot camp and a regular class?

Our bootcamp classes are 8 week progressive classes/seminars. Due to the progressive nature of these classes, entrance into an ongoing boot camp is not permitted after the second week.  Since they are progressive, regular attendance is required. These classes are different then our “regular” or non-boot camp classes because of their progressive structure. Our non-boot camp classes offer a more cyclical approach to the information taught which allow students to come in and out more freely. Whether a level is a “boot camp” or a non-boot camp depends on the material that needs to be covered. All beginner students must start with a boot camp class.

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