Our Studio Culture

We promise to deliver a creative environment for dancing.

We are a destination for dancers who want to push their creative boundaries. Our studios are set up for you to experiment at your heart’s desire. We have three large open rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art glass-less mirrors. Our studio also features a lounge area outfitted with modern furniture where our guests can relax.

We expose our dancers to contemporary art in order to spark a creative discourse. Our goal is to get dancers thinking beyond things that are and instead think about things that may be. We have a host of contemporary artists being exhibited at our white-cube like space. This creativity in turn also oozes from Rhythmology dancers.

Our studio is flexible and can also host parties, performances and live music. We are a place where community gathers and thrives. We aim to create a comfortable, elegant and well designed space for our visitors. We hope that our studios become the top destination for latin dance enthusiasts.


Pick Any Introductory Class of Your Choice and Hop In!

Westbury Studio

361 union avenue westbury, new york


Address: 361 Union Ave. Westbury, New York 11590

Call: (516) 280-6677

Email: info@rhythmologydance.com


Instagram: @rhythmology

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Twitter: @RhythmologyNY

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